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The future is Electric.
The E-mobility Market is growing rapidly.


More and more products are becoming available in an ever faster pace. This benefits BMWs customers who can choose from an constantly growing offer, but at the same time it becomes more and more complex to find out not only which of the many different xEV-products fit their individual needs best, but also which charging possibilities are adequate. This complexity supposes great challenges for the over twenty-thousand sales consultants, product geniuses and after-sales personell.

That is the reason why BMW wants to make knowledge about new products and services available in a fast and coherent way to the numerous sales personell in order to reduce compexity.

This is where the Charging Solution Navigator comes into play. This platform delivers consistent information, no matter who or which of the various BMW channels is looking for information. Depending on the information sought, a logic evaluates and finds relevant data to provide appropriate advice. The data is provided by joint system of networks, whereby each piece of information is only available once at a single point of truth. This way consistent answers are guaranteed.

Let us introduce Jane.
Jane owns a BMW iX3. She has a daily commute of 50km and wants to have the option of taking spontaneous weekend trips. She wants to know which charging offerings are suited best for her. She can ask a sales consultant who then uses the CSN. The backend systems provide information about energy consumption and battery capacity of the vehicle. That information is combined with the various charging options and the result, including a recommendation, is ultimately displayed in the frontend.


But Jane doesn’t neccessarily want to talk to personell, but rather explore the vast possibilities of BMWs xEV world via the comfort of her home. Here she can try out, what car model and charging solution suits her best according to her daily life.


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