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i’m lisa, a junior art director based in dresden specialising in typography and photography.


I work digitally as well as analog. while i do most work for my clients digitally, i shoot my film rolls full for myself. i love dramatic & extreme light situations. high contrast rules most of my pictures.


bold, big & excentric – that’s my taste in fonts. the more excentric, the better. At least if it fits the project. sometimes, less is more.

editorial design

a clean layout, following a more or less sophisticated grid, with a good splash of colour & a protruding font are my recipe for a good editorial.



corporate design

final project. exhibition world for analog camera technology with focus on the visual identity & 3d-design of the actual building itself.


editorial design

who were the big players in analog camera technology? this book takes a look at canon, nikon & minolta.

madonna of the rocks

poster design

typography experiment based on the famous quote from the movie the da vinci code.

origo cosmetics

packaging design

this luxorious cosmetics product line takes a natural and sustainable approach for soap, shower gel & bath salt. (site under construction)

digital art


various types of illustration ranging from portraits, fantasy and fanart.



various photography projects, ranging from astro photography over landscape to portaits.



freelance work for the polygenre band fewjar, photographed at various concerts.



shooting with different films & cameras, i love experimenting with the analog medium and what limits it has and how much you can push it.