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My friends & colleagues describe me as a very cheerful person, always with a smile and (flat) joke on my lips, yet I still possess the professionality needed for the job.

With my high standard and passion on design I strive to create something bold and innovative. I always try to push (myself) one step further, even if that means to step into unknown territory.

And although there’s always something new to explore, I don’t hesitate to open even an ancient design book. You can always learn from the past and adapt it to the present.

Ketchum PR,

Junior Art Director Digital
11/2020 – now

(formerly Geometry Global),

Intern Creative Digital
07/2020 – 09/2020

Pflanzmich GmbH

Product Photography
09/2017 – 08/2018

Kunstschule Wandsbek

Communication Design

Skills: Art Direction, Motion Design, Illustration, Editing/Cutting, UI/UX, Photography
Tools: Adobe CC, esp. After Effects, Premiere Pro, XD, and a bit of Cinema 4D/Octane Render
Experience: Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Public Institutions, Beauty